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With an exclusive network of 100+ specialty factories overseas & domestically,
we oversee the entire product development and sourcing process.



We believe that by caring deeply for our people, clients, and partners, we can unleash our collective “Creative Genius”. That means mastering the art of collaboration, crafting the optimal conditions for a team to perform at its absolute best, in an environment of diverse backgrounds, thoughts, views, opinions and life experiences.

City Global is a global creative agency that spreads the power of innovation for global brands & its products through ideation, design, and sustainability. We are diverse collective of thinkers and doers, continually reimagining what’s possible to help us all do what we love in new ways. We are driven by the excitement of building & inventing new products and providing services that change lives.

Born in Los Angeles, the creative capital of the world, we represent a diverse range of global brands in entertainment, luxury spirits, world-class sports, high-end fashion, hospitality, and philanthropic sectors. Our Asia HQ is based in Shenzhen, China, a technology mecca often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of Asia.” Our diverse expertise in sourcing, strategic planning & world-class operations put us at the forefront of innovation and technology.

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Our Expertise

Luxury Spirits
World-Class Sports
High-End Fashion

Philanthropic Sectors

Toys, Plush, Games


Happy Clients

You’re in good company. The world’s leading brands and most innovative companies use City Global. Our client experience spans 300+ brands in every sector and industry imaginable. Here’s a variety of who’ve we’ve helped.


Design & Creative Services

Whether you’re looking for a brand refresh or visual brand identity from scratch, our team brings you diverse expertise in a variety of global markets.

Creative Concepts
Design Mockups
3D Printing
Hand-Drawn Illustration

Custom Typography
Tech Pack
Laser Cutting
Color Palette Development

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Product Development & Sourcing


With an exclusive network of 100+ specialty factories overseas & domestically, we oversee the entire product development and sourcing process, including concept creation, design, price negotiation, sampling, production management, quality control, and logistics. We drive progress across various aspects of the business, from sampling to vendor negotiation.


Barware & Nightclub
Promotional Giveaways
Corporate Gifting
Custom Packaging
Home Goods & Decor
Conference Giveaways

Apparel, Textile & Fashion
Display Enhancements
Toys & Plush
Tech Gadgets
Tour/Event Merch


Account Management

There's a tremendous amount of risk, a heavy dose of intuition, and a substantial need for brand leadership. We help these groups find their position, voice, vision and develop a plan, favoring speed and curiosity in order to set up the endeavor for building traction and loyalty.


Client Relations
Project Schedules
SEO & Social Media
Strategic Planning
Product Development

Global Sourcing
Quoting & Bids
Sampling & Prototyping
Market Trends
Price Analysis


Modernizing Global Trade


The U.S. imports $2.6 trillion goods annually and $648 billion is consumer goods. China exports $540 billion to the U.S. Annually. We uniquely combine advanced cloud technology and analytics, logistics infrastructure, and human expertise making our global supply chains more efficient and transparent. Architecting your product flows in an optimal way to satisfy all the clients and suppliers along the chain.


Exclusive Network of 100+ Speciality Factories
Manufacturing Gateway
Quality Control
Carbon Offset Program

Freight Logistics
Customs & Duties
Currency Exchange
Warehousing & Distribution


Corporate Social Responsibility

Culture is the character and personality of your organization. It's what makes your business unique and is the sum of its values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes. Join our diverse team of thinkers and doers in challenging the impossible.


Carbon Offset Program
Benefits & Perks
Workplace Culture Educational Enrichment
Professional Development
Company Experiences


City Global HQ


City Global USA HQ
281 S Figueroa St, 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, California 90012


City Global Asia HQ
Room 1116, Building 4, Tusincere Science Park, Youth Road, Long Cheng Street, Longgang District
Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, 518116


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